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från Cecilia på kennel Stolthetens.

Ha en trevlig helg allesammans!

Pleas send this poem on to your friends and family and help save the> life of a dog.


> Wendy and I see cases like this this every single week.




> My family brought me home today cradled in their arms, They cuddled me

> and smiled and kept me safe and warm They played with me for hours and

> showered me with toys I sure do love my family parents, girls and

> boys.

> The children love to feed me and give me special

> treats

> They even let me sleep with them, all snuggled in the sheets I used to

> go for walks, several times a day They even fought to hold the leash,

> I am very proud to say.

> These are things I´ll not forget a cherished memory For I now live in

> a shelter without my family.

> They used to laugh and praise me when I played with that old shoe But

> I didn´t know the difference between the old and new The kids would

> wave a rag at me and encourage me to tug I never knew that it was

> wrong to chew the bedroom rug.

> They said I was unruly and made me live outside This I never

> understood no matter how I tried.

> The walks stopped one by one they said they hadn´t time I wish I

> could have changed things; I wish I knew my crime.

> My life became so lonely in the back yard all alone


> I barked but no one listened I was banished from my home.

> Then they brought me to the shelter too embarrassed to say why They

> said I caused an allergy and each kissed me goodbye If only I´d had

> classes when I was just a pup Then I´d have been a better dog when I

> was all grown up.

> You only have one day left, I heard a worker say.

> Does that mean I have a second chance?

> Do I go home today?

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